Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Climate Control Storage Units Vs. Traditional Storage Units

Many customers ask me the difference between climate control storage units vs. traditional storage units; therefore, let me go in to some detail to explain the differences so you can decide what type storage unit will work best for your storage needs. 

Climate control storage units are defined as units that are kept cooler than the outdoor temperature in the summer and warmer than the outdoor temperature in the winter. For example, here in Cypress, TX during the summer we set our climate control buildings to 79 degrees and in the winter we set them to 56 degrees. This keeps the humidity low, as well, which helps prevent mold or mildew from developing on items, such as leather furniture.

However, in my opinion, the biggest difference in climate control and traditional units is the cleanliness which I like to compare to this: storing items inside a climate control unit is comparable to storing them inside a house while storing items inside a traditional unit is comparable to storing them inside a garage. While this is not as important for short term storage, for people storing long term or items such as clothing, furniture, photos, electronics, or collectibles, I highly recommend the use of a climate control storage unit. To best determine what type of storage you will need either climate control or traditional the best way is to ask yourself, would I store this item in my own attic or garage? If yes, then a traditional unit is all you need. If no, reserve a climate control unit.

Another difference between climate control and traditional units is location. Traditional units are units that you can drive right up to and have a roll up door for easy load in and load out. Climate control units have to be accessed by going in a doorway and down a hall, sometimes around a corner in order to access your storage unit which makes for a slightly longer load in and load out.

A helpful hint: 
If you have to store everything you own; for example, you are waiting for your house to be built and your old one has already sold, rent a traditional unit for your garage items, patio furniture, attic items, washer/dryer, and pots/pans and rent another climate control storage for your furniture, clothing, and electronics. For pricing and availability, please visit our website.

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